The 5th edition of Coffee Power Championship will be held in Hall 5E at RBHK this year! Coffee Power Championship aims to spread the excellence of Hong Kong’s coffee players internationally . It brings together many of the most important people in the coffee industry and is a valuable opportunity to meet international coffee experts, exchange new ideas and honor their inspirational achievements.

Stay tuned for the updates of the competition!

Agenda of Coffee Power Championship 2017

5 Sept (Tue)
12:00-13:30Coffee Power Latte Art Championship Semi-final #1-12 competitor
12:00-18:45Coffee Power Roasting Championship #1-8 competitor
15:00-18:30Coffee Power Rangers Championship #1-4 Team

6 Sept (Wed)
12:00-13:30Coffee Power Rangers Championship #5-8 Team
12:00-13:30Coffee Power Roasting Championship (Blind Cupping)
12:00-18:45 Coffee Power Roasting Championship #1-8 competitor
14:15-17:15 Coffee Power Latte Art Semi-final #1-12 competitor
17:45-19:15 2017 International Coffee Aroma Championship (Hong Kong Region) Semi-Final and Final Round

7 Sept (Thur)
12:00-13:30Coffee Power Roasting Championship (Blind Cupping)
12:00-14:00Coffee Power Latte Art Championship Final
14:30-16:30Coffee Power Cup Tasters Championship Semi-final and Final
17:00Awards Presentation Ceremony

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