Young Talents EscoffierThe 11th Young Talents Escoffier will take place alongside an exciting Chef Battle (Black Box Challenge) by seasoned celebrity chefs from Michelin-starred restaurants in RBHK 2018. The competition will once again see eight chefs 27 years old or younger from China, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, The Philippines, and Vietnam, displaying their culinary prowess as they are tasked with creating Escoffier’s own recipes. The winner will then be representing Asia in the global final in France.

Winners of the 2017 Young Talents Escoffier

Champion: Mr. Han Jie Koh (Singapore)
1st Runner-up: Mr. Jie Tao Yu (Macau)
2nd Runner-up: Ms. Ahn Tuyet Pham Thi (Vietnam)

Young Talents Escoffier 2017 review

Featuring Michelin Star Chefs at Disciples Escoffier Theatre 2017 

Frédéric Jaunault
Manager at Creasaveurs Jaunault

In 1996, Frédéric gave a new direction to his career: cooking and carving fruits and vegetables; he participated in the implementation by the Department of Agriculture, a national plan around eating well, (5 fruits and vegetables per day). He has also participated in many programs including the Columnist Kitchen Radio... MORE
Johan Leclerre
Director of Gourmet and Bistronomic Restaurant Gerard Cagna, Michel and Jean Michel Lorrain

In 1998, he built a property named, “La Maison des Mouettes” at Aytré Plage. However, in 2010, after the Xynthia storm, he had to leave La Maison des Mouettes because the property was considered being in a risky area. After this loss, Stéphanie & Johan LECLERRE opened a new and very successful restaurant in the heart of the Historic Borrow of La Rochelle... MORE
Nicolas Boutin
Executive Chef at Gourmet Dining Group Ltd

Nicolas honed his skills at the finest Michelin-starred establishments in France, including Maison Lameloise (three Michelin stars), La Maison Troisgros (three Michelin stars), Les Jardins de l'Opéra (two Michelin stars) and Jean Bardet (two Michelin stars). In 2002, his career hit new heights when he joined two Michelin-starred chef Michel Portos at the renowned restaurant, Hauterive Saint-James in Bordeaux... MORE

3-Day Schedule of Disciples Escoffier Theatre
5 Sep (TUE)
12:00Disciples Escoffier Young Talents Escoffier - Opening Ceremony
12:45VIP Cocktail
13:30 Disciples Escoffier Young Talents Escoffier - Round 1
6 Sep (WED)
12:00Disciples Escoffier Young Talents Escoffier - Round 2
16:45 Judge Deliberation
7 Sep (THU)
12:00Chef Battle - Black Box
16:30 Young Talents Escoffier and Chef Battle Award Ceremony
Mr. Robert Fontana
Asean Chairman
Mr. Emmanuel Soulière
President of DEYTE 2017
Mr. Mike Lo
Vice President of DEYTE 2017
Mr. David-Jean Marteau
Station Judge Leader
Mr. Thierry Muller
Rules & Mark Recorded
Ms. Raphaëlle Muller
Asia Coordinator
Ms. Eiffelene S. Howard
Master of Ceremony
Mr. Laurent Pousse
Master of Ceremony

Mr. Johnson Chen
Hong Kong
Mr. Cheuk Hei Yip
Mr. Jie Tao Yu
Mr. Han Jie Koh
South Korea
Mr. In Seok Hwang
Mr. Piyakamperm Thanathip
The Philippines
Ms. January Mae R. Belardo
Ms. Ahn Tuyet Pham Thi
Mr. Peter Zhou

General Manager
Park Hyatt Ningbo Resort & Spa
Hong Kong
Mr. Daniel Birkner

The Red Room
Mr. Raphaël Kinimo

Chef de Cuisine
Ritz Carlton
Mr. Khoo Wee Bin

Director, Culinary Training
South Korea
Mr. Byong-Dong Jang

Chef de Cuisine
Mr. Hervé Frérard

Executive Chef
Bangkok Metropolitan Area
The Philippines
Mr. Philip John Golding

S&L Fine Foods
Mr. Sakal Phoeung

Corporate Chef
Le Corto

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