The 9th Hong Kong International Beer Awards is back in 2017! Following the last eight successful years (since 2009), the awards is now firmly established as the premier awards recognising the best beers available in Hong Kong’s restaurants and bars.

Aims of the Awards

The Beer Awards aims to recognize beer distributors who provide and select high-quality beer for private clubs and style bars to karaoke bars and dai pai dongs there is something to suit every taste and every occasion in Hong Kong. All the entry beers will be judged in blind tasting in several categories by a group of beer experts.

Benefits for participants and the Awards winners
  • All entered beers will be displayed in front of over 20,000 F&B professionals during Restaurant & Bar Hong Kong
  • A special booklet featuring all the winners will be distributed to buyers of restaurants, bars and clubs in the show
  • Certificates presented in the Presentation Ceremony at RBHK
Application Criteria

Your beer is qualified to join the Hong Kong International Beer Awards if it fits the following conditions:
1. Entered beer has been available in the Hong Kong retail market on or before 5th September 2017
2. Participants are able to provide 4 bottles of the applied beer for blind tasting
3. Submission fee for EACH entry beer is HK$50. Payment can be settled via either (A) by PayPal or (B) Credit Card

Important dates
  • Application form submission deadline: 14 July 2017, 17:00HKT
  • Beer samples delivery dates: 24 – 25 July 2017, 9:30-18:00
  • Presentation ceremony date: 5 September 2017, 13:00 @Show Bar, RBHK Hall 5E, HKCEC
Contact Person

Mr Daniel Lee
Tel: +852 3958 0534
Fax: +852 3105 3974

Judging Criteria
It’s important that a beer looks right and you can tell a great deal about a beer from how it looks. The colour gives you an indication of the style and type of malt used. Condition and body are important (the head), and we also looked for carbonization (in the relevant categories) the size of the bubble and the foam – or lacing – the head leaves on the side of the glass, as these all affect the taste. As most of our sense of taste is in our nose the smell also tells us a lot about a beers identity or personality, is it bitter, sweet, sour, etc… The perfect brew should smell accordingly so could you will be dying to get it in your mouth.
Beer is a product meant to be taken orally, not nasally, and no matter how good a beer looks or smells it’s the performance in the mouth that really counts. How does it travel? Does it stall on the mid-palate? Does it race through without really giving the taste buds much to do? The balance of sweetness and bitterness must be right and it must finish well. After the arduous judging process the scores were then added up. The highest and the lowest scores were then discounted and the mean average score indicates our winners.

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In 2016, over 500 entries have been collected from more than 60 distributors. The onsite final judging was conducted at RBHK and the best beers as well as all the category winners were revealed.

Winners from 2009 – 2016