House Wine AwardsFollowing the last seven successful years of House Wine Awards (since 2011), RBHK will once again team up with Hong Kong Wine Judges Association to launch the 8th House Wine Awards in 2018.

House Wine Awards aims to recognise wine distributors who provide and select high-quality house wine for restaurants in Hong Kong that best reflects the taste of customers. We believe that “behind every successful restaurant, there stands a tasteful wine distributor.”

We will charge US$50/ HK$390 for each wine entry for each category.

Application is now closed. Thank you for all the supports.

Key Dates: 

  • Application Deadline: 8 August, 2018, 17:00 HKT
  • Delivery Deadline: 8 August,2018, 8-11:30; 13:00-17:00
  • Result Release: 5 September, 2018, RBHK Hall5FG, HKCEC


More about the Award
The wines will be divided into five categories: Red Wine, White Wine, White Wine (Dry), Sparkling Wine and Rosé Wine. Distributors/ importers may submit multiple samples, with the conditions that the wines fit the following criteria:

The wine has been served in restaurants, bars or clubs in Hong Kong in the past 1 year; or to be served in restaurant, bars or clubs in Hong Kong in the upcoming 1 year.

Trade price ** is not more than HKD$300 ( Any wine found to be apparently more than HKD$300 in trade market will be disqualified)

** Trade price refers to the wholesale price that distributors/ importers offered to retail wine shops/ restaurants, bars or clubs in Hong Kong. Not the price on the restaurant’s wine list.

The Distributor/ importers should provide 6 bottles (75cl) of each entry for blind tasting (6 additional bottles are required if it enters the final round)

If in doubts, the distributors/ importers might be required to provide registration documents under the Hong Kong Wine Registration Scheme/ Wine Storage Management System Certifications by Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency (HKQAA)

General Criteria
The mission of the House Wine Awards is to recognise wine distributors /importers who offer wines with distinctive character and quality.

All the entries will be blind tasted and scored according to the following 7 features, including Clarity, Color, Bouquet, Body or Texture, Taste, Balance, and Finish on a 20 points scale. The entries will be allocated to the following quality designation.

Medal/ Quality Designation                                     Price Range

Gold Medal                                                                  18.5>20

Silver Medal                                                                17.0>18.4

Bronze Medal                                                              15.5>16.9

Commercial Wine:                                                     14>15.4

Ordinary Wine                                                           12.5>13.9

Wine Below Standard                                               10>12.4


The 2018 judging panel was composed by a group of experienced HKWJA Judges and F&B Judges.

Mr Ace Lee
Senior Sommelier
Hotel ICON (Above & Beyond)
Mr Billy Yeung
Four Seasons Hotel HK (Lung King Heen)
Mr Bojan Radulovic
Group Wine Sommelier
Maximal Concepts (Mott 32)
Mr Raphael Sarri
Wine Director
Elite Concepts HK Ltd
Mr Uchida Masayuki
Bar Bulter
Mr Juwan Kim
Head Sommelier
Mr Larry Chim
Royal Plaza Hotel
Mr Vise Cheng
Beverage Manager
Regal Hongkong Hotel
Mr Dennis Cheung
Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel & Towers
Mr Ervin Ong
Galaxy Macau
Mr Kenny Lui
The American Club Hong Kong
Mr Leo Lo
The Ritz - Carlton
Mr Harry Chan
Hong Kong Jockey Club
Mr David Wong
Assistant Sommelier
The Hong Kong Cricket Club
Mr Kent Chu
Maxim's Caterers Ltd

HKQAA – Hong Kong Wine Registration Scheme for Events
HKQAA – Hong Kong Wine Registration Scheme for Events
Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency launched the “HKQAA – Hong Kong Wine Registration Scheme” in November 2013. The Scheme aims to recognise an organisations’ capability to maintain and retrieve records of wines handled with identifiable sources. As an extension of the Scheme, the “HKQAA – Hong Kong Wine Registration Scheme for Events” is tailored to support event organisers on recognising the wine entries. Restaurant & Bar Hong Kong House Wine Awards 2017 will participate in this extended scheme to further promote the concepts of handling wine with identifiable sources.

HKQAA – Hong Kong Wine Registration Scheme for Events: Guidance to Distributor
The submitted wines shall maintain records of up one level identifiable source. HKQAA – Hong Kong Wine Registration Scheme Assessor might review source documents of submitted wines in sampling basis. Distributors shall provide source documents of the selected wines to HKQAA for review purpose. While participants from registered companies in the HKQAA Hong Kong Wine Registration Scheme can be excluded from the sampling assessment. Event organizer can use the HKWR for Events Mark on promotion material of Restaurant and Bar Hong Kong House Wine Awards 2018.

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